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Exclusive Indian Tapas Menu

Avaialable Every Day From 5:30pm Till 7:00pm

Our Tapas menu offers our customers an opportunity to take a step out of their comfort zone with limited risk. We have created a fantastic range of dishes to try within the confines of a range of pallet types.

We believe that there is so much more to try and we want to deliver a high quality experience.

Many establishments have taken to ‘all you can eat’ which can limit the quality of food offered.


Alishaan’s master plan is to offer a range of foods to try that will retain high quality food and increase your experience of the Indian food culture.

Hotshot - £13.95


It’s hot and spicy! Try a range of our chef’s special hot dishes that will leave a fire in the mouth.

Not for the faint of heart, but incredible for those that like it spicy. A fabulous opportunity to try something beyond a Vindaloo. Although a hot experience, the flavours that pour from these dishes will take your breath away.

Special chicken tikka   |   Lamb Lanka piazza   |   Prawn vindaloo   |   Pilau rice   |   Chapati   |   Chana chilli mossala

Khashi Delicacy - £13.95

A range of freshly sourced tender lamb dishes. A blend of spices that allow you to experience the very best sauces Alishaan offers. Lamb is a beautiful meat to infuse spices with. It absorbs the flavours with a subtle texture. The result is a plethora of flavours bursting from the meat at differing times, ensuring a unique experience.

Lamb chop   |   Lamb balti   |   Lamb sagwala    |   Pilau rice   |   Chapati   |   Bombay aloo

Oceana - £13.95​

A number of seafood dishes with delicately spiced and flavoured sources which magnify the flavours of the ocean. A more subtle blend of spices are used with the seafood dishes ensuring the flavours of the ocean are not lost. A perfect opportunity to reveal the hidden secrets of the depths of Alishaan

Fish pakora   |   Prawn sagwala   |   Masser kakree   |   Pilau rice   |   Chapati    |   Sag aloo


Sabjee Deluxe - £13.95

A vegetarian dream. Beautiful flavoured vegetarian foods, seasoned and spiced, giving you the opportunity to experience the Sub-Continent culture in one sitting. We will no doubt have you returning to try more of the Alishaan flavours.

Vegetable Somosa   |   Vegetable Bhuna   |   Motor paneer   |   Pilau rice   |   Chapati   |   Tarka dal


Alishaan Special Thali - £13.95

A broad range of meats & seafood, seeped and marinated in stunning Sub-Continent spices. This is your opportunity to experience a broad range of that which Alishaan has to offer.

Beautifully presented, the Thali dishes have been a mainstay of our main menu from the beginning. The feedback from past customers has been very positive and was the reason for taking the concept of a multi dish Indian meal to the next level.

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