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Signature Dishes

Alishaan Lamb Chop Bhuna £16.95
Marinated on the bone lamb chop with special spices, onions, capsicum, ginger
and tomatoes. It is highly flavoured, very tasty and our own home style dish.



Lamb Shank £18.95

A generous portion of succulent slow cooked lamb that will create the wow factor at the table. Packed full of incredible aromatic flavours creating a dance around your pallet, arousing your senses. 


Marinated, tender lamb shank cooked with a sauce of onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander, cardamom and our own herbs and spices. It is a medium strength dish based on an ancient recipe, passed on through generations within the area of Syhlet Bangladesh.

Our very own chef has adapted the recipe further to incorporate western ideas of culinary and to really set the dish apart.


Syhlet-er-Jhinga £18.95

A beautiful prawn based dish that originates from Syhlet Bangladesh. King prawns cooked with special blend of appropriate spices, aromatic saffron and fresh herbs. Served with crispy okra and potato. Our very own in house chef has brought this concept from a traditional family recipe that has passed through generations.

He has now brought this concept to the North East where it has grown in stature since it first hit our menu 9 years ago.


Zaffron King Prawn £21.95
King Prawn cooked with special blend of appropriate spices, aromatic saffron and fresh herbs. Served with crispy okra and potato.


King Prawn Kapachila £16.95
Marinated King Prawn flavoured with special spices, onions, capsicum and tomatoes. It’s complemented by fresh salad.

Shahi Khana £16.95
Lamb, chicken and king prawn marinated with a secret spice and cooked in bhuna style with boiled egg, fresh coriander and tomatoes. Medium strength.


Alishaan Special Hansh £16.95
Marinated diced duck, highly flavoured spices. Delicately spiced with our high standard home style cooking.


Banaroshi Khasi £15.95
Strips of marinated succulent lamb pieces cooked in herbs, spices and a mild creamy sauce with oriental fruits, cardamom and cloves.

Rangela Khana £15.95
Marinated Tikka chicken and lamb cooked with fresh spinach, simmered in a medium to hot sauce with ginger, garlic, coriander, tomato and fenugreek leaves to add an aromatic taste.


Sylheti Khana £15.95
Marinated lamb cooked with a boiled egg, roast potato, green chillies and tomatoes in the chef’s secret sauce simmered down to a fairly hot style.

Murg-e-Azam £14.95
Chicken Tikka cooked with minced Lamb, onions, green pepper, and other special herbs and spices. It is highly flavoured and served medium hot.

Jal Jul Chicken £14.95
Breast of chicken, cooked with onion, green peppers, fresh green chillies and coriander, with naga pickle. It is served very hot.

(Choice of Lamb: £1 Extra • King Prawn: £3 Extra)

Chicken Shatkora £14.95
Marinated Tikka chicken cooked in mediu spices with Bangladeshi vegetables.

Khatta Meetha Chicken £14.95
Fairly hot - sweet and sour house special dish prepared by chef in his own secertive receipe. (Choice of Lamb: £1 Extra • King Prawn: £3 Extra)

Murgh Achar £14.95
Lean breast chicken cooked in a special bhuna sauce with onions, green chillies, fresh coriander and many more spices. Fairly hot.

Alishaan Special Mass Bhuna £14.95
Bangladesh’s sweet water fish, pan fried with garlic, peppers, crushed tomatoes, bay leaves, methi and spices. It is cooked in our very own home style traditional curry and adapted from an ancient Bangladeshi recipe which originated on the lakeside town of Beanibazar. An incredible dish that has stood the test of time and travelled through generations to arrive as an Alishaan favourite.


Barkosh £14.95
One piece of Tandoori chicken off the bone and another piece on the bone re-cooked in a highly flavoured sauce with boiled egg. It’s our very own home style, medium strength dish. Originating from the rolling foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Berkosh takes the primary food sources of the area and brings a truly unique experience through a western twist on the recipe. A truly original dish based on tradition which our chef can be proud of.

Chicken Malai £14.95
It’s a very creamy, sweet and mild curry, cooked with very special spices. Finally decorated with mango and cashew nuts. (CONTAINS PEANUTS) (Choice of Lamb: £1 Extra • King Prawn: £3 Extra)

Hariali £14.95
Lean chicken breast marinated and barbecued in the tandoor and cooked again with fresh crushed garlic, ginger, green chilli, coriander, pinch of sugar, cream and spinach. The dish is of distinctive colour, hence the name Hariali (green).

Alishaan Special Thali £21.95

Bhuna King Prawn. Lamb Sagwala. Tikka chicken Mossala. Chicken Tikka. Pilau Rice & Chappati.

Vegetable Thali £16.95

Bindi Bhuna. Bombay Aloo. Spinach Bhaji. Vegetable Bhaji. Pilau Rice and Chappati

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