Lamb Dishes

Lamb Biryani £14.95
Cooked with Basmati rice. Served with its own unique flavoured sauce.

Lamb Zalfrezi £11.95
Fairly hot dish cooked with diced green peppers, onions, green chillies,
garlic and a mixture of Tandoori spices.

Lamb Lanka Piaza £11.95
It’s a very hot dish. Cooked with cubed onions, capsicums and green chillies.
It’s a highly flavoured, very tasty, hot dish.


Lamb Kharai £11.95
Marinated lamb with onions, green chillies, fresh herbs and spices.

Lamb Sagwala £11.95
Lamb and fresh spinach mostly cooked with garlic, ginger, cumin and a mixture of
herbs and spices, garnished with coriander.

Lamb Roshuni £11.95
Bhuna style curry cooked with lots of garlic, onions, green peppers and fresh spices and herbs.

Lamb Chilli Bhuna Mossala £11.95
Fairly hot sauce with fresh green chillies, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander and spices.

Sally Lamb £11.95
Spring lamb cooked in bhuna style using our own spice.
Home style medium hom crispy straw potatoes on the top.

Lamb Dishes

Lamb Chana - NEW £11.95
Marinated lamb and chickpeas cooked in a bhuna style with a special blend of spices to

provide a dish of medium strength.

Lamb Bhuna £11.50
A combination of a special blend of spices fried together to provide a dish

of medium strength and dry consistency.

Lamb Rogan £11.50
Cooked in a blend of oriental spices to make a delicately flavoured sauce with a tinge of ginger,

garlic and lots of tomatoes.

Lamb Dansak £11.50
Cooked with oriental spices, pineapple, lentils and lemon juice to add the

sweetness and sharp, sour flavour.

Lamb Malayan £11.50
Cooked with banana, pineapple, cream and a mixture of mild

spices to create a unique flavour.

Lamb Dupiaza £11.50
A method similar to Bhuna where the onions are chopped and mixed

with fresh spices and fried briskly.

Lamb Kurma £11.50
It’s a mild dish cooked with coconut powder, sugar, cream and mild spices.