Roshuni Hansh - £14.95
Bhuna type of curry specially prepared spice with lots of garlic, green pepper and fresh herbs.

Jal Jul Hansh - £14.95
Breast of duck coated in a spicy sauce, it’s very hot and a traditional Bengal curry.

Jalali Hansh - £14.95
Breast of duck, roasted and summered with garlic, lemon and orange
slices in a rich textured orange segment sauce.

Imlidar Mishti Hansh - £14.95
Lean slices of duck breast cooked with tamarind and honey in a mild sauce.

Hansh Zalfraiji - £14.95
Marinated dices duck, delicately spiced with capsicum, tomatoes and hot green herbs. It is fairly hot dish.

Chat Pate Hansh - £14.95
Tender breast duck cooked with green pepper, onions, green chilly, fresh coriander and our
very own spices decorated with very thin, fried, crispy potatoes on the top. It is a fairly hot dish.

Duck Dishes