Paneer Tikka Mossala £9.95
Paneer cooked with almonds powder, sugar, fresh cream and tandoori spices. Very mild and sweet dish.

Mottor Paneer £9.95
Paneer and chickpeas cooked in bhuna style with onions, fresh coriander and many more spices.
A Medium strength dish bursting with flavour and character.
With a core blend of chickpeas sourced from around the Sub Continent,
this dish is ideal for anyone wanting to explore food with a difference.
Although a vegetarian dish, the recipe was certainly not created with vegetarians in mind.
Beautiful food with a unique texture which will have your senses reaching out for more.


Paneer Sagwala £9.95
Paneer and fresh spinach cooked with cumin and a mixture of herbs and spices, garnished with coriander.

Paneer Mirch £9.95
Marinated paneer and peppers cooked in tandoor.

Butter Paneer £9.95
Its a creamy, mild dish with a hint

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